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Fine Art Giclee printing by Skink Ink

Skink Ink specializes in giclee printing which is digital fine art printmaking or inkjet printing on wide format printers using pigmented inks and archival papers. Giclee prints can be made on any of a number of substrates from canvases or watercolor papers to photographic papers and banner materials.


The giclee printing process is guaranteed by the manufacturers of the ink and the paper to make archival prints capable of lasting more than 100 years. Which is why they are popular with contemporary artists, museums and collectors as a way of making exhibition prints from digital files.

In addition with giclee printing we can also make books or wall hangings. We also photo-retouch, color-correct and can scale-up small images. We make giclees on canvas and we stretch and spray varnish to protect them from UV or water damage. We understand that your work is precious and it's not just about dropping off the file and picking up a print there are judgement calls and aesthetic as well as financial choices to be made.

We launched Skink Ink Fine Art Editions in March of 2011. A gallery in our North 10th Street space where we intend to showcase what is possible with the medium of giclee prints through the work of some of the best artists we work with.

Skink Ink Fine Art Printing® is a Trademark of Digital Skink, Sole-Proprietor Philip Riley.