Our prices follow a simple equation:

(dimensions) x (cost of paper) x (quantity) 

  • dims = The size of each print, measured in square foot ( i.e. 12” by 12” = 1 sq ft) and will include the width of any white border.
  • cost = The paper is priced per square foot (psf) and the price varies with quality of each paper. 
  • qty = The number of giclee prints required. 

This equation gives a total square footage per print which in turn gives a final price. 

Automatic discounts are applied for quantity or size of prints but only for multiples of the same image printed at the same time. For example; if the combined square footage or one print run is over 3 square feet then the discount is 5%, over 6 sq ft it is 10% and 15% if it goes over 12 sq ft etc. They increase all the way to 50% for 50 square ft. 

For Fast Track customers these are in addition to an automatic 15% which we give to clients for providing print ready files submitted online. There are further discounts for Print on Demand. All discounts are capped at 50%.

It may at first appear complicated but it isn’t. It’s just a way for us to give better prices when you give us more work. Please call or email us for a quote or sample prices.