Using the same 40 Megapixel DSLR camera that we use for copy stand photography we can produce photographs of larger works generally up to 4ft x 5ft. Approximately 6 works can be done in a half day and 12 in a full day depending on the size and difficulty of the pieces. Highly glossy varnished works and those with a lot of texture are likely to take longer with fewer produced during the day or half day. We will quote on inspection of the artwork to be captured.

  • Original size up to 4 x 5 ft: $150. Day rate $1000, half-day $500
  • 1-1 at 300 dpi will give an image size of 28″ x 18″. While print size and dpi will remain the same the ratio of the original to reproduction will reduce as the original size increases.
  • Multipart images are possible and will be charged for at $150 for the first and $75 for each subsequent section capable of delivering a final file of up to 300 dpi at 1-1 for a larger work. 
  • Proof print of each file is included.
  • All shots are color corrected to reflect 100% accurate reproduction of a calibration swatch. 
  • Delivered tagged with the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile. 
  • Scan delivered via the internet or via client collection with USB thumb drive.
  • Minimum turnaround: 2-3 days. Same day turnaround is not possible
  • Day and half-day rates are available