Full Service

Our Full Service printing is the way that we offer the most to our clients to help them achieve the print they want. We bring our experience and expertise and you walk away with the print you wanted, regardless of whether you have a lifetime's experience or are doing this for the first time. With Full Service we will sit down and talk about the job with you, discuss the options and work through any problems.

At Skink Ink we always ask that files are sent to us "print-ready". By this we mean that you set the file up as you want it printed before submitting it. It should be sized correctly with borders included—be aware that we print full bleed unless otherwise instructed. If you are unable or unwilling to set up your file yourself we can do this for you, however if we are required to do a large amount of file edits this may incur additional charges.


We prefer web submission of your files via our upload page. You can also bring your files by the studio on a thumb drive. We no longer accept emailed files and will direct you to the uploader and our job submission form to begin the process.

Once we have received your files we proof on screen and if there are no obvious problems we'll go ahead and print them on proofing paper. This is to check for accuracy of color and issues of focus and resolution. We'll email you when your proofs are ready so you can come in to check them . We can also FedEx your proofs to you. This first proof is free and if approved we will go ahead and print the final for you. Otherwise we'll discus the issues and help you decide how to rectify the file. You can skip the proof if you are in a hurry or dont want to make the journey but we strongly recommend checking proofs especially for first time customers. If the job is worth doing we believe it's worth doing properly, we want you to get the best print possible and have designed this system to make the best outcome the usual outcome.


The whole process takes 2-3 days for a small number of prints or up to 5 days for larger quantities. More complex work such as mounting, stretching canvases and special order papers can require up to two weeks.


We do ask for a 50% deposit to proceed with large orders. For payment we accept all credit and debit cards. Payments can be made in person or online but we do not accept checks or mailed payments. As we function as a retail business all items must be paid for on collection. We do not offer credit, accounts or terms of any kind.

“Philip really knows what he is doing. I got some prints made of my gouache paintings, and they are perfect. I will be trusting him with my work in the future. He answered all of my questions... giving advice based on his experience as an artist of how much to order (he actually talked me into buying less than I was originally thinking). I felt very comfortable with his honesty and experience and I am quite happy to recommend his services to any artist who has the need for a great printer.” — Melissa Beveridge, Artist


Above: "Phylloxera" by Melissa Beveridge





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