File Set-up


General: Add borders
We print full bleed unless otherwise instructed, this means that if you want a border then please add it to your file but be aware that it will add to the cost of the print as we charge for the sheet size used and not just the image area.

General: Dimensions and resolution 300dpi at 100% scale
File dimensions must be the same as the final print size. So for example; if you want a 12" x 18" print then the dimensions in the file should be 12" x 18". For photoshop files the resolution decreases in equal proportion to any increase in the dimensions, so when resizing the file avoid resampling to preserve the quality and keep the resolution above a minimum of 150dpi.

Color space: RGB preferred
Though we can print CMYK easily RGB has a much wider range of available colors. We also use printers that have more inks than just CMYK so you lose the benefit of those extra colors when you use the CMYK color space.

Color Profile: “Adobe RGB (1998)” is preferred.
“sRGB” or whatever RGB profile you are happy with will also work but you again lose quality with a narrow gamut like that defined by sRGB. If in doubt, don’t change the profile.

Convert all fonts to outlines.
We frequently have to open files to check the quality. If we have to change something and the fonts are unavailable this means that the text will reflow and you will not get the results you expect.

Please Note:
We will not be able to assist 'Fast Track' customers with file preparation, we will bounce the job or switch it to 'Full Service' if we have to resize or add borders. The intention of 'Fast Track' is that the client should be able to send us files that are ready to print without our assistance.


- Resolution: 300 dpi for most images. 150 dpi is acceptable especially for anything above 36".
- Flatten layers and rasterize text.
- File type: TIFF or non compressed JPEG are preferred. RAW will not work as we do not edit files for printing.
- You may use any of the compression options in Photoshop to reduce file size except JPEG. For JPEG please do NOT allow the file to be compressed as it seriously damages the quality of the information. JPEG is ‘lossy’— only ever use ‘lossless’ forms of compression.


- Save or export as .pdf to include fonts files and images before you send the file.
- Use the pre-set “High Quality Print” for RGB files and “Press Quality” for CMYK.
- If setting up a new file do so in RGB—if it is already CMYK, don’t convert it.
- Convert text to outlines.


- Use the Acrobat preset “High Quality Print”. (“Press quality” will convert to a CMYK file.)
- Please do not add a bleed or crop marks, we will do this when we print.

Any doubts or questions? Please email or call us.

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