Image Capture


We have a 2400 dpi, large-format flatbed scanner which is ideal for smaller works on paper or canvas. Larger works are scanned as multi-part scans and montaged together. Maximum size 24" x 36"

We give priority to customers who are making scans for printing with us.

There are three levels of scanning: General, Publishing and Archival. All are suitable for printing; the difference is in the the amout of work you want doing to your scan before it's deemed acceptable. This is a personal choice and the cost difference merely reflects a difference in the quantitiy of work required to gain a different level of polish.

General level

Publishing level

Archival level

We will require your artwork to be kept here until the work of color matching and proofing is complete.


At the present time we are not offering negative or transparency scanning.


We offer professional digital photographic services to capture larger works and works with delicate or 3-dimensional surfaces. This is in-house only so works will need to be transported to and from our Williamsburg studio.

We will require your artwork to be kept here until the work of color matching and proofing is complete. This can vary from same day to a week but longer priods will result in the closest match between your work and the digital file.

The work I do is very delicate (some pieces have taken hundreds of hours to complete) and can be easily damaged. I know when I take my work to Skink-Ink that the work is "safe". I am pretty picky in the quality that I want with reproductions of my work. I have walked into Skink-Ink where my original and the reproduction were side by side. I had to get right up to the work to know which piece was the original... —Laura Philips, Artist


Above: Proof prints of a pencil drawing by Laura Philips.
Top bar: Anne McDonald.


We regret that we cannot scan, photograph or print any work that infringes upon the copyright of an artist or copyright holder of that work. If you are not the artist or copyright holder then we will ask you for confirmation that they assent to your reproduction of their work.

“A work that is no longer copyright protected is considered to be 'in the public domain'. It should be noted, however, that photographs of works of art in the public domain may themselves be copyrighted and will likely require a license for publication, even though the public domain works which are the subject of the photos are no longer protected.” — The Artist’s Rights Society

For further information on copyright please see this document or this page.





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