We offer 3 main ways to print at Skink Ink:

For customers who want full support while printing.

–Automatic discounts for quantity
–Walk-ins and all mounted jobs
–Help with files; Advice, minor modifications, adding borders, resizing etc.
–Free proofing
–Standard turnaround 2-3 days

> Submit file to start job

For existing customers, the experienced and all reprints.

–15% discount on printing
–Additional discounts for quantity
–Internet submission only
–Limited advice, no artwork modification, simple bounce of incorrect files.
–One free proof, but paid for if job abandoned.
–Fast turnaround 24-48 hours

> Submit file to start job

For galleries, businesses and artists with regular sales.

–25%-50% discount across all jobs, dependent upon quantity
–Printing from a pre-agreed and pre-proofed selection of files.
–Fee to cover set up & proofing
–Shipping & fulfillment options
–Turnaround for fulfilment 5-7 days or simple printing 2-3 days

> Email or call for details
1. Enter your dimensions and quantity (in inches):

Height x Width = 0 Sq. Ft. x Quantity = Total 0 Sq. Ft.

2. Choose your paper:

Paper: $0 psf.

Select fron general paper types such as 'Cotton rag', 'Photo paper' and 'Canvas'

Cotton rag papers are generally matte, textured or smooth and resemble traditional printing papers. Photo papers resemble silver based photographic papers etc. We have almost 50 paper types in stock and a further 100 that are readily available.

3. Price:

FULL SERVICE :0 prints @ $0 each. Grand total = $0 (discount per print = 0% or $ 0)
FAST TRACK :0 prints @ $0 each. Grand total = $0 (discount per print = 0% or $0)

Each print before discounts is $ 0, . Full price = 0

4. Terms:

follow a simple equation:

(dimensions) x (cost of paper) x (quantity)

This equation gives a total square footage per print which in turn gives a final price.

Automatic discounts are applied for the quantity or size of prints but only for multiples of the same image. For example; if the combined square footage is over 3 square feet then the discount is 5%, over 6 sq ft it is 10% and 15% if it goes over 12 sq ft etc. They increase all the way to 50% for 50 square ft.

For Fast Track customers these are in addition to the automatic 15%. All discounts are capped at 50%.

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